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This is an innovative productivity and collaborative project management suite for both local and remote personnel. It incorporates AI (Artificial Intelligence) to boost corporate efficiency and facilitate the implementation of flexible or remote work models, such as telework.


  • Guaranteed increase in corporate efficiency.
  • Automatic business productivity reports, by area.
  • Ensure that your employees are working the correct amount of time, without exceeding their work hours.
  • Individual performance reports, for incentives or flexible salaries, based on performance.
  • Secure platform, protects business and employee information, from anywhere.

Online appointments:

Give clients the option to make appointments online for governmental, medical, insurance, bank, and loan appointments, among others. This may be connected via a website or telephone, thus streamlining your processes and providing timely care for your clients.

Virtual line

Monitoring of the virtual turns of those who arrive without appointments or wish to enter an establishment, branch, or physical entity as walk-ins. They can obtain a turn there, and monitor progress on their cell phones, or obtain one online, for access to the virtual line.

Video call from anywhere

By way of a link, individuals may be connected with agents, advisors, doctors, or whomever can attend to their needs, in a dedicated space. These procedures can be both remote and secure.

SECTORS: Financial, retail, health, government, etc.

Agent protection solution, with administration 100% in the cloud, and no additional servers. Agents may work from home, without worrying about safety, and minimizing the risk of information leaks or loss


  • Web navigation protection
  • Application protection
  • Antivirus protection
  • Inspection of suspicious files
  • Equipment health status review
  • Inventory of permitted applications

SECTORS: Banking, finance, phone carriers, airlines, public services, among others.

“End-point” security

“End-point” protection (P.C.s, smart phones, IoT), using a software client and cloud management.

Provides advanced end-point protection with anti-malware, based on patterns, and protection against security vulnerabilities, based on behavior, web filtering and an application firewall.

Remote security connection

Secure connection for teleworkers, via VPN, for access to data center or private cloud resources (databases, active directory, intranet, telephone plant, etc.). Central equipment will be available on client premises, and remote users will use the VPN connection, by way of a software client or web access.


Simple and friendly chat solution, with no complex implementation or requirements. Needs only an internet connection to attend to and contact clients, providers, associates, and/or entities external to the organization. Confidently keep your agents working productively from home.



  • Use this as part of your website, or create a link to a new page that we provide.
  • We offer a diffusion service for this new amenity, so that clients can become familiar with it and put it to work immediately.
  • May be integrated with WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Chatbots or IVR may be integrated into the conversation.

Home office for traders

This is a tool that permits traders from different banks and financial entities to work from home with Soft-turrets IQ/MAX Omni. These have the turret function on Pcs, and operate from anywhere, without slowing organizational operation, and taking maximum advantage of businesses and opportunities.


  • Users can utilize the same profile as in their turrets
  • They keep their direct, extension, and contact numbers
  • Up to 16 loudspeaker channels – headset included
  • Loudspeaker and call management, all via a headset
  • Connection from LAN, WAN, or internet
  • Rapid implementation