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Transforming Colombia

At AXEDE, we are known for being a highly-committed team with impeccable moral principles and values.

We are passionate about what we do, and innovate each day to positively impact our business, working as a team, and demonstrating joint talents, with a winning mentality. These traits help us to be number one in the market.


To be recognized in the market as the leading company in cutting-edge technological solutions, due to its innovation, transformation, and impact capabilities.


To solve our clients’ technological challenges with innovative and disruptive developments, positively impacting their business.



Passion for what we do, how we do it, and for whom, thus retaining associates, clients, and stakeholders.


We hear the need, and innovate, with understanding of the reasons why, what for, and for whom, which generates differentiating value.


We work as a team, by way of processes focused on excellence, with ethics, compassion, and responsibility.


For Axedians, anything is possible. We persevere, and propose aggressive goals. “Axede is no. 1.”


This internal well-being and health program is just one reason why AXEDE is an amazing company to work for. It focuses on retaining associates, with the provision of novel happiness activities.

The program offers benefits such as:

  • Agreements with universities and training plans
  • Axede passion Fridays
  • Incentive plans
  • Rewards
  • Safety and well-being programs
  • Special date and birthday celebrations
  • An employee fund, among other things.


En AXEDE we are transforming the country with corporate social responsibility programs, in order to contribute to the environment and social improvement with our various stakeholders.

For a number of years, AXEDE together with the CON TODA EL ALMA foundation and the national navy, has contributed to the well-being of children from low-income homes. As such, with the donation of furniture, filing cabinets, and chairs, classrooms in a school in Coveñas were provided with ergonomic student desks.

With these corporate social responsibility actions, AXEDE seeks the well-being and development of children and our country. We are sure that now, students will attend their classes with greater comfort and quality.

This is an annual initiative, which seeks tobenefit low-income children and adults in cooperation with the Con Toda el Alma foundation.  We donate Christmas presents in the form of toys and clothing that is new or like new.

The smiles this generates are our compensation for excellent work. These individuals were infinitely thankful for AXEDE’s action, by way of the Con Toda el Alma foundation.

With new generations in mind, at AXEDE, we created the Axedian Seeds program, which is designed for the children of our associates aged between 18-22 years. This program offers them work experience in a real work environment, as well as the challenges that accompany this, thus supporting their professional development. 

Our Axedian Seeds have the opportunity to form part of different areas of the company, in accordance with their academic or professional profiles.

“This is a benefit for all of the children of our associates, who are between 18-22 years of age, and there is no quota limitation. We know that, for many young adults, it is difficult to find work because experience is required when they are just completing their academic training. At Axede, we offer this experience, with the accompaniment of business professionals”.

Liliana Carreño.

An initiative that seeks to contribute to the quality of life improvement of those in the Guajira, where tanks of potable water are donated to families who lack this vital resource in said area of the country.

Each tank truck has a 10,000 liter capacity for potable water. This work, performed by way of the Con Toda el Alma foundation, with the help of AXEDE, benefitted nearly 7,000 families.