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TempiX – Hotel Dann in Cali

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The Dann Carlton Hotel is a luxury hotel for executives, business travelers, and tourism, and boasts differentiating comfort levels. It is widely-recognized in Cali within the market for executives, national and international sporting events, conferences, and vacations.

Considering the isolation, quarantine, and closure necessary in different commercial sectors, as decreed by the national government, owing to the global pandemic, the hotel sector was among those most affected, with the broadest closure globally. Thus, it was necessary to create mechanisms and/or strict protocols for basic biosecurity, in order to obtain governmental authorization to provide services and open the doors to the public once again, with total control of personnel, guests, and associates who accessed the hotel, quickly and efficiently, thus eliminating physical contact.

With the help of AXEDE, a fourth-generation TempiX® monitoring totem was installed. This was designed and manufactured in Colombia, and boasts seven biosecurity functions in one: Temperature measurement, control and identification of individuals, dispenser for hand disinfection, shoe disinfection basin, temperature report alarm, light indicator for high temperatures (fever), and biosecurity survey.

The system is connected, online, to a cloud service, which offers a dashboard and client DB integration, and permits consultation of all information on entrance of individuals to the hotel.

With TempiX®, they are able to prevent virus propagation by monitoring all those who access hotel facilities, with no contact whatsoever.

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