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Software solutions


We offer the body shopping modality, with which we provide specialized resources that satisfy the specific needs of our clients, with highly-trained, certified personnel, which permits:

  • Specific experience in areas of interest
  • Direct administration of required resource activities
  • Fixed-time hiring abilities


At Axede, we provide software manufacturing services, with which we make our experience and knowledge available to offer quick solutions, and are able to align IT areas with business. This further permits:

  • Experience in different industry sectors
  • Highly-qualified personnel
  • Different process models
  • Flexibility and speed in software processes

We implement sector best practices, and adapt process model guidelines, such as SCRUM, CMMI, ITIL, PMI, and ISO 9001.


IT outsourcing services in the software area. We provide experience with solutions in various sectors of the market, such that your business obtains:

  • Market knowledge from specialists
  • A group of engineers certified in different technologies and programming languages
  • Knowledge of business models
  • Business applications with agile or traditional methodologies

You can count on an interdisciplinary team that will be charged with providing quality services for IT solutions, with specialized knowledge, to support digital transformation.

Tailored software development

We have a team of engineers trained in software development with diverse methodologies, in line with market standards, with multiple languages and programming technologies. With this model, you will have the following:

  • Accompaniment in solution design.
  • Software consultation.
  • Development in different programming languages.
  • Personalized solutions.
  • The best software development methodologies.

Utilities sector

At Axede, we support the construction of solutions which permit businesses from the utilities and telecommunications sectors to expand their technological capabilities to support digitalization and automation processes:

  • Knowledge of systems such as OpenSmartFlex and JD Edwards
  • Engineers with certification in different platforms used in the sector
  • Knowledge of the business model

We have over 25 years of experience supporting, personalizing, developing, and integrating business processes in the most important industries in the country.


Mobile application that functions as a digital ID, may be integrated with different systems, and permits authentication and user access control.

  • Avoids physical contact
  • Permits authentication and identity control
  • Allows for smart door opening and access registry
  • Enables control over individuals’ locations
  • Permits the generation of access levels


Telex permits businesses to implement telework, via an agile and effective adoption and management process.

  • Has administrative (business) and operational (teleworker) modules
  • Permits telework adoption in accordance with Colombian regulations
  • Enables shift grid management
  • Allows for the registration of the beginning/end of the work day
  • Performs monitoring of work performed by associates


Multiplatform on which supply and demand for educational activities is presented, and which provides for enhanced telelearning adoption and orientation:

  • Permits teachers to register and certify their knowledge
  • Allows for the publication of programming of courses/classes/mentoring
  • Includes a practical search bar for class offerings
  • Permits scheduling and attendance of virtual, individual, or group classes.