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RCN Television

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RCN Television is a company with a long track record in the television industry, communications, and audiovisual formats. It has created business units that include other stakeholders. It relies on technology, innovation, and new ways to create projects.

RCN TV was operating with an obsolete network in its data and voice components, which no longer complied with internal or external user requirements, in terms of speed, capacity, or network security.

RCN TV decided to renew its LAN network and began the process with a change in the entire fiber backbone, moving from 1 Gb to 10 Gb. On finalization of this process, it opened a bidding procedure for the renovation of its LAN, WLAN, VOICE, and VIDEO network technology. Following a very difficult competition, the contract was awarded to Axede.

The solution was an Alcatel communications system with Core Switches, distribution, and access for the LAN network. For WLAN, an Alcatel Stellar solution was included with indoor and outdoor APs. For voice, a new OXE solution was integrated with VoIP and the rainbow mobility. For video, the Polycom Trio 8800 solution was integrated into two rooms.

In order to reach our objectives, the project had an initial consultation stage, in which priorities were clearly identified, and implementation phases were defined. The work was implemented by Axede and RCN work teams, so as to have the least impact possible on channel operation, and to yield partial results at each stage.

The entire job was coordinated in a way that RCN’s service was not affected and the transition process was transparent for the entire organization.