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ICAP is a company that leads in the negotiation and registry of currency and securities in OTC markets worldwide. With their SET-FX and SET-ICAP Securities platforms, they have become the main source of information for currency and securities, both in Colombia, and internationally.

Axede, in hopes of maintaining client satisfaction and offering a differentiating service, began a situation analysis, in which a multidisciplinary team participated. This consisted of software, projects, and implementation personnel, whose only goal was to find an alternative that would solve the client’s need to see the contact name of outgoing calls on the recording registry.

The solution was to develop an application that would permit contact names to be uploaded into a database table, and if the called number corresponded to any of the contacts on the table, the contact name would be added to the recording registry. This way the final user could perform a consultation and visualize the field. This was key to their operation.

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