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Customer Experience

Attend to all company channels, voice, email, chats, social networks, among others, keeping experience center traceability unified.

  • Cloud/on-premises: Flexible architecture, in accordance with the needs of each client
  • Ability to add voice, email, SMS, social networks, or web chat channels
  • Integration with existing solutions for both voice and business applications. Modular, scalable design that permits contact center growth, in terms of agent number and functionalities including ChatBots, AI, Quality Management, WFM, and Analytics, among others.

Our customer experience solutions help you to enable care channels modularly, thus adapting technology to your business needs, and enabling gradual growth, with unified contact center management reports.

Critical mission and financial floors

Specialized, reliable, safe platforms, in line with all regulations required by the market for financial floors and critical mission operations.

  • Cloud/On Premises: Flexible architecture, in accordance with the needs of each client.
  • Operate with complete security, without the need to be physically on the financial floor.
  • Regulatory compliance, in accordance with national and international entities.
  • Integration with business applications: Provides information at the exact time it is required.
  • Analytics focused on risks. Traceability of negotiations through WhatsApp and other social networks.

Axede solutions for financial floors and crucial mission systems are oriented toward user experiences, without neglecting new trading channels and in line with regulatory requirements.