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Economic reactivation products


TempiX is a fourth-generation monitoring totem with IoT technologies and the cloud. It performs six biosecurity functions in a single infrastructure.

TempiX monitors those who access office, hospital, governmental entity facilities, among others.


  • Temperature measurement.
  • Control and identification of those who enter.
  • Dispenser for hand disinfection.
  • Shoe disinfectant basin.
  • Alarm to report high temperatures.
  • Fever-indicating light.


With TempiX, you can eliminate contact between individuals, control temperature and personnel access to facilities, sterilize their hands and the soles of their shoes, thus reducing risks and enabling continued monitoring, at all times, in your premises.

  • Measurement configuration for each patient
  • View measurements in a web application
  • Voice calls between doctors and patients
  • Video calls between doctors and patients
  • Chats with patients on web and mobile applications
  • IoT integration (medical devices)


  • Event-based emergency calls
  • Panic button
  • Guaranteed traceability
  • Coverage increase for provision of services
  • Ubiquity
  • High levels of availability
  • Inform local citizens, clients, and employees of: circulation hours, rapid-testing sites, transportation, industrial safety and occupational health contacts, etc.
  • Omnichannel care – via voice or rapid text, it is easy to access the latest information, by way of your preferred channel – voice or text
  • Escalate emergency responses, with consistent COVID-19 information sharing, throughout governmental agencies of all levels
  • Remain up to date: Dynamic capacity to update local information with the latest recommendations and developments.


  • Decongestion of both human and technical resources (agents and phone lines)
  • Care improvements
  • Service quality improvements