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Value Solutions

A BIG DATA and BI platform that enhances the productivity of telephone customer service teams

  • Big Data
  • Bussiness Intelligence

Clients: Banco de Occidente – Carbones de Cerrejón – Universidad del Externado – Team Foods

A CLOUD CONVERGENCE platform that permits effective, immediate communication via SMS and email.

  • Dispatch of mass messaging and mailings 
  • Contact directory  
  • Cloud service

Clients: RCN – Universidad Javeriana – Carbones de Cerrejón – Team Foods – Universidad Externado

A platform designed for DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION of call receipt at money desks, call centers, and help desks.

  • Categorizes and prioritizes 
  • Log 
  • Agenda (click to call)
  • Hardware backup

Clients: Banco de Occidente – Seguros Bolivar

A CONVERGENCE multiplatform platform that permits recording system management.

  • Reduction of recording search time by 75%  
  • Increase in productivity of personnel responsible by 35%  
  • Increase in information security

Clients: Set Icap – Porvenir