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Digital transformation products

A CLOUD CONVERGENCE platform with documentary management that facilitates project management and communication with each participant, from any mobile or land-line device.

Services include:

  • Calls
  • Messages 
  • Mail
  • WhatsApp + video

Clients: RCN – Cerrejón – Universidad Javeriana

A CLOUD CONVERGENCE platform that permits effective, immediate communication via SMS and email.

  • Dispatch of mass messaging and mailings 
  • Contact directory  
  • Cloud service

Clients: RCN – Universidad Javeriana – Carbones de Cerrejón – Team Foods – Universidad Externado

A BIG DATA and BI platform that enhances the productivity of telephone customer service teams

  • Big Data
  • Bussiness Intelligence

Clients: Banco de Occidente – Carbones de Cerrejón – Universidad del Externado – Team Foods

A BIG DATA CLOUD platform that permits scheduling of videoconferencing platforms and attendance confirmation, which feeds a BI statistical management system.

  • Cloud service 
  • Big data 
  • Business intelligence

Clients: Rama Judicial – Consejo Superior de la Judicatura

A platform designed for DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION of call receipt at money desks, call centers, and help desks.

  • Categorizes and prioritizes 
  • Log 
  • Agenda (click to call)
  • Hardware backup

Clients: Banco de Occidente – Seguros Bolivar

A CONVERGENCE multiplatform platform that permits recording system management.

  • Reduction of recording search time by 75%  
  • Increase in productivity of personnel responsible by 35%  
  • Increase in information security

Clients: Set Icap – Porvenir

Big data and BI cloud tool that permits the optimization of work team productivity, regardless of location.

A platform designed for DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION of shift systems, resource control, event production, and other applications to be explored.

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION platform that allows Colombian companies to be their own technological providers, in light of DIAN requirements.

A platform designed for the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION of customer service in banks, insurance companies, compensation funds, health care providers, and other clients.

A platform designed for the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION of at-home medical care services.

A CONVERGENCE platform specifically designed for educational institutions, and which permits multimedia communication between different members of the academic community.

A BLOCKCHAIN platform that guarantees CYBERSECURITY for documentary agreements (contracts, NDAs, purchase orders, invoices, etc.) between multiple parties in negotiations.

Augmented reality application that promotes product impact in the eyes of clients, and is integrated into shopping carts and payment gateways