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Data Architecture

A computer kit for all (Tecnoedux)

A computer the size of the palm of your hand comes in two possible models, designed for a more efficient and lower-cost learning experience.

  • Opportunity to provide technological access to millions of children and youths.
  • Small, efficient, at the best price point on the market.
  • Kit with options that adapt to the child or youth’s environment, whether at home or school.
  • Office suite and applications included at no additional cost.
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) learning platform.
  • Option to measure student use and use an alternate communication channel.

Axede is committed to closing the technology access gap for millions of children and youths.

AI-based platform designed for the digital transformation of internal and external client services, using conversational interfaces and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to support an omnichannel client, employee, and provider experience

  • Set your brand apart by providing exceptional customer service.
  • Interact via multiple channels (chats, voice, IVR, web, social networks, etc.)
  • Reduce customer care time and call loss.
  • Increase agent productivity.
  • Virtual agents available 24/7.
  • Place organizational knowledge within the grasp of clients and employees.

Make virtual assistants that use AI (Artificial Intelligence) a possibility, for unique service and customer care experiences, together with Axede.


Comply with biosecurity protocols by permitting the entrance of personnel into your facilities with AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions and facial recognition.

  • Speed employee, associate, and client access.
  • Automate access and comply with biosecurity protocols.
  • Protect employees and associates
  • Accelerate reports of individuals suspected of COVID-19 infection.
  • Collect valuable information on entrance into facilities, manage shift compliance, guest behavior, and detect suspicious admittance.

Surveillance and monitoring of public space

Digital transformation solution with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to automate the counting of individuals permitted within an establishment, and in accordance with the defined number, manage alerts and notifications when the threshold is surpassed.

  • Visit and occupancy information, in real time, from multiple establishments.
  • Monitor flow of individuals and policy compliance.
  • Verify compliance with social distancing.
  • Learn client behaviors and times with highest occupancies.
  • Define care strategies based on data.

Axede helps you to monitor compliance with biosecurity protocols, mitigating risks and collecting valuable client, visitor, and employee information.

Permits the management of biosecurity protocol implementation, so as to control and mitigate the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Simplify workers’ obligatory daily report.
  • Minimize non-compliance risks.
  • Receive alerts and notifications when suspicious cases are detected.
  • Utilize direct communication with employees for training, information about prevention, or last-minute events, which are key for risk mitigation.
  • Have information available about measure compliance on your mobile device.
  • May be integrated with Tempix for automation of suspicious COVID-19 case detection.

Solution for remote patient care, providing the sensation of presentiality. May be integrated with different biometric devices, permits interactive synchronous and non-interactive asynchronous telemedicine, between a health professionals and health service consumers.

  • Audio and video calls between doctors and patients.
  • Ongoing chats.
  • Risk evaluations.
  • May be integrated with medical histories.
  • Health care processes may be personalized.
  • Clinical device measurements may be integrated.

Increase coverage in terms of provision of services, protect health personnel, and provide better client experiences.


Consultation services for the adoption of biosecurity protocols, in order to mitigate, control, and manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Rapid evaluation, in 1-2 days.
  • Process review option, based on current regulations.
  • Deliverable recommendations to close gaps.
  • Technological solutions option, together with Axede.