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Connectivity and cybersecurity

Connectivity 4.0:

Connect your business so that users may utilize applications in a public or private cloud, with the quality, speed, and security required to optimize productivity.

  • Worry-free experience: Solutions centered on user and ICT management experiences.
  • Ubiquity: Users may connect from main offices, branches, homes, or mobile phones.
  • Data analytics: Information for business growth and continual service optimization.
  • Digital transformation: Services based on fourth-industrial-revolution technologies, such as the cloud, AI, IoT, augmented reality, and big data.

Digital Identity

Identity validation for online transactions in financial and e-commerce operations, and public entity procedures, etc.

  • Anticipate digital fraud: Real identity validation is elemental for the achievement of this goal.
  • Experience quality: Underscore validation without inconveniencing the real client.
  • Place decision making parameters: Control validation criteria for your business.
  • Collect data and learn more about your clients: Have information available in order to retain clients and generate new products.
  • Save on costs: Save on fraud, insurance policies, and reputational costs.

Strengthen trust relationships with clients, using crowd sourcing, telebiometry, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and behavioral analysis, to achieve security and operational support.

Digital Risk Protection
Brand Reputation

Specialized professional services to monitor and protect your business from information security breaches that may affect your brand. Control of the WEB, deep web, and dark web, APKs, and internal and external social networks, among others.

  • Brand care: Detection of information or reputational security threats.
  • Prevent cybernetic fraud: Detect impersonations and take steps to prevent clients from becoming victims of fraud.
  • Detect planned cybersecurity attacks on your company in time.
  • Expert accompaniment: Receive notifications, early alerts, reports, and recommendations.

We are here with you, with specialized professional services and advanced tools for the cyber-protection of your company.

User security (endpoint)

Solution to safeguard company information, protecting teleworker PCs and mobile phones.

  • Support economic reactivation and provide secure business continuity.
  • Risk mitigation, by way of terminal vulnerability analysis.
  • Secure connections to the public or private cloud
  • Application, information flow, and navigation protection.
  • Visibility and control from the cloud.

Provide teleworkers with an integral security solution, complementing VPNs and conventional antiviruses, and preventing information leaks.