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Banco de Occidente

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Banco de Occidente sought to renew its Money Desk communications system, as this area produces one of the highest profit percentages in the bank.

Their main objective was to increase Traders productivity by way of functionalities that would permit greater operational agility.

AXEDE’s solution was a Money Desk communications system (UNIGY IPC) with advanced telephone functionalities, which were configured in accordance with trader needs. Further, the development of two innovative business tools (AXEDE’s Xynthesis and InteraXion), which, integrated into the communications system positively impacted key result and management indicators, generating added value and differentiation for the client.

“This project had all of the ingredients that one needs, in order that things turn out well in a timely fashion. This occurs when programming, communication, focus, coordination, experience, teamwork, and commitment are present. Despite the multiple difficulties that always arise, we finally met our goal”.


Treasury and Front Office Manager

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